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About The Malo Clinic And All on 4

The Malo Clinic is a Portuguese dental clinic, renowned for the development of the revolutionary All On 4 dental implant technique. With Prof. Paulo Malo at the helm, dealing with the most challenging surgical procedures, the Malo Clinic has gained international recognition. Dentists from across the globe, including our very own Dr. Theo Spyrakis, have been fortunate enough to study the world renowned All On 4 protocol under Prof. Malo’s expert tutelage at the Malo Clinic in Portugal, enabling this groundbreaking technique to be delivered to patients worldwide.

The International Growth of The Malo Clinic Franchise

The Malo Clinic’s headquarters are in Lisbon, Portugal. With 55 consulting rooms, 14 recovering rooms, and ten operating theaters, it is one of the largest dental clinics in the world. There are, of course, other Malo Clinics around the world. In fact, the brand is established in 22 countries across 6 continents. Even though the core business of Malo Clinic is dentistry, Malo Clinics have also expanded into other fields, such as medical wellness, plastic surgery, in-vitro fertilisation, genetics, and fitness.

The Malo Clinic brand has experienced impressive growth due to its franchise program. This franchise opportunity has enabled dentists in countries such as Australia to purchase a license of the Malo Clinic trademark. With an initial license fee and a monthly licensing fee, dentists around the world gain the rights to use the Malo Clinic brand name. The importance, however, is to ensure that any company using the brand name, also invest in its world-class training under Prof. Malo’s guidance.

Who is Prof. Paulo Malo?

Paulo Malo was born in Portuguese Angola in 1961. The oldest of three brothers, he grew up around an entrepreneurial family and a strong paternal role model who demonstrated the value of work and perseverance. The family then moved to Cape Town, South Africa, where Malo studied at an English boarding school. Paulo Malo then enrolled in a course in Marine Biology, where he discovered his love for Medicine and Neurosurgery. A further family move to Portugal gave Malo the chance to attend the Faculty of Dental Medicine in Lisbon. It was his graduate degree in Lisbon that kickstarted what was to become a very successful career in dentistry.

In his first doctor’s office, Prof. Malo became frustrated with traditional approaches to patients with missing or damaged teeth. His determination, curiosity, and enthusiasm for solving complex issues led him to search for a better solution. This was how the development of the All On 4 technique came about. The All On four technique was an alternative to both removable dentures and traditional dental implants and was to become one of the most significant advances in the area of implantology.

The Malo Clinic was founded by Prof. Malo in 1995 and has lead the way in the field of oral rehabilitation. Since the first patient was treated with the All On four technique in 1998, Prof. Malo has become a world-renowned expert in advanced oral rehabilitation, inventing several other techniques to help patients with complex restorative needs. He has also authored several leading books, released numerous scientific publications and frequently lectures at international conferences. Prof. Malo has received several distinctions and awards for his medical breakthroughs, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills.

The History of the Malo Clinic

The Malo Clinic was initially a small dental practice. For more than two decades, the practice gathered knowledge, developed techniques and formed teams of experienced dental professionals. Prof. Malo has grown the clinic under the pillars of innovation, excellence, leadership, confidence, safety, and generosity. It is growth in these areas, particularly innovation, which has set the Malo Clinic apart from the rest.

The clinic’s dedication to caring for patients and developing innovative solutions to their problems has led the way, a clinic that is internationally recognised for:

  • Research and development work
  • Creation of innovative surgical techniques such as All On 4
  • Implants such as Zygomatic and NobelSpeedy
  • Components and surgical objects
  • Fixed prosthesis such as the Malo Clinic Bridge
  • Publication of numerous articles and scientific studies

Today the clinic is established as a global brand, with presence in six continents and 22 countries. The clinic has become a worldwide reference for oral rehabilitation and dental aesthetics. Recognised for its know-how and innovation, the Malo Clinic’s education program is essential for all dentists to be educated if they are serious about using Prof. Malo’s exceptional All On 4 implantology techniques.

The All On 4 Technique

It is the All-On-4 technique that launched the Malo Clinic to international acclaim. Backed by Nobel Biocare, Prof. Malo carried out several studies into the effectiveness of the approach. The concept of having a full set of teeth supported by a few implants wasn’t new, but the innovation was to adopt a 45° angle for posterior implants. By tilting the implants, the posterior regions could be avoided and a better quality of bone used and alleviates the need for bone-grafting.

It was the All On 4 technique that put the Malo Clinic on the path to success. However, the journey was far from easy. It took ten years for the treatment to become accepted by the greater dental community. The technique was a disruptive innovation; people were suspicious of the efficacy and, at the time, didn’t see the Portuguese as technological innovators. Fortunately, the technique gained popularity, allowing it to help the significant numbers of patients who couldn’t be treated with traditional methods of bone grafting and multiple implants.

The All On 4 technique is minimally invasive, easy maintained, cost-effective and has extremely high success rates compared to traditional methods.

Research and Development at the Malo Clinic

As well as performing ground-breaking dental procedures, the Malo Clinic invests a significant amount of time and money in research and development. The clinic’s research department allows it to continually push forward, evolving existing technology and creating new treatment ideologies. What this means for techniques, such as All On 4, is that they are continually developed to ensure they are the very best they can be. The in-house research department in Portugal has become a global reference for leading-edge implantology. The products and surgical techniques that the clinic produces continue to revolutionise the way patients are treated across the globe.

Malo Clinic Education

Prof. Malo created the Malo clinic Education because many restorative dental professionals were eager to develop their expertise in the All On 4 technique.  The educational arm of the clinic, also based in Lisbon, Portugal, accepts around 4,000 dentists each year to study under Prof. Malo.

The training programs offered at the clinic focus on the most recent advancements in approaches and products in the field of oral rehabilitation. Participants closely follow real cases from the Malo Clinic with practical aspects of training through live surgeries and clinical case presentations being a primary focus. Malo Clinic Education aims to inspire and teach dental professionals, giving them the ability to deliver the best possible care to their patients.

Dr. Theo Spyrakis And The Malo Clinic


Prof. Malo (left) with Dr. Spyrakis

With such an extensive reach, the magnitude of All On 4 procedures performed at Malo Clinics worldwide is a testament to its high standards. Bexley Dental’s very own Dr. Theo Spyrakis has strong ties with the Malo Clinic. He has trained numerous times throughout his career, furthering his knowledge, concept development and real-life case experiences with the All On four technique.

Along with many other implantology courses, the advanced training with Prof. Paolo Malo has contributed to Dr Spyrakis focusing the vast majority of his time on the All on 4 treatment. Today, Dr Spyrakis performs over 550 implant procedures every year. What this means is that implant dentistry is more than just an additional service at Belxey Dental; it is a distinct specialism. Dr Spyrakis is recognised as one of the most experienced All on 4 dentists in Sydney and has made a significant impact on many patients’ lives. All thanks to the expert training from Prof. Malo at the Malo Clinic.

Dr. Spyrakis is honoured to be associated with such an innovative team of dental professionals, training with the very best in the field and embracing the Prof. Paulo Malo’s vision of providing innovative solutions, transforming smiles and changing lives. 

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