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Wisdom teeth can cause significant damage to surrounding healthy teeth and gums. The flap of gum tissue that covers a partially submerged wisdom tooth also provides a great breeding ground for bacteria that can cause long-term gum problems around adjacent teeth. This type of gum infection can sometimes flare-up quickly and painfully without much advance warning.

A partially submerged wisdom tooth also frequently presses against the adjacent molar in front of it; this can cause a cavity in the healthy tooth. This can occur without symptons! These are some reasons why patients inevitably remove their wisdom teeth. Don’t wait for the damage to occur or for emergency pain before you seek treatment.

Dr Theo Spyrakis will perform these surgeries in our office. He can remove one, two, three or all four of your wisdom teeth in one visit. The skill of a surgeon can have dramatic impact on the level of post operative discomfort.

All wisdom teeth can be removed whilst asleep here in our surgery using the latest technology called Sleep Dentistry. This service is supervised by our medically trained staff here at Bexley Dental.

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