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How do you know if the All On 4 dental implants procedure is right for you?

If you have damaged or missing teeth, you already know that it affects everything. What you can order when you go out to eat. Whether or not you’re able to enjoy your favourite foods. How you look in family photos… And never smiling for them!

The list goes On.

If you’re struggling with damaged or missing teeth, you know the toll it takes on your confidence, first hand. Many people try dentures to alleviate their tooth troubles, only to find that they have a whole new set of problems.

  • Worrying about whether or not they’ll fly out of your mouth mid-sentence…
  • Feeling embarrassed when it happens…
  • The discomfort (and all-too-common problem) of ill-fitting dentures…
  • Frustration of still not being able to fully enjoy your favorite meals…

And if that Isn’t enough, dentures rarely have the same bite-strength of healthy teeth… Meaning after all that, there are still foods that are completely off-limits.

Check Your Suitability For The All on 4 Treatment. Take our suitability quiz and find out if you qualify for the All on 4 procedure.

The solution: All On 4 Dental Implants

What are All On Four implants?

The All On 4 dental implants procedure is an advanced technique where an arch of teeth is supported by only 4 implants. The Implants are made from titanium metal, and these act as a foundation for the easy placement of a set of fixed teeth.

It’s a quick and minimally invasive procedure that can produce beautiful results. when carried out by a highly trained and experienced All On 4 dental implants dentist, success rates are consistently high.

Why All On Four?

All On Four dental implants provide the most natural-feeling alternative to dentures for those suffering with loose or missing teeth.

With All On 4 dental implants you can receive your implants and your brand new set of permanent replacement teeth in just 24 hours, not the 3-4 months that conventional implants often require.

That means you can…

  • Stop feeling self conscious about your speech…
  • And start smiling again!
  • Eat all of your favorite foods, without discomfort…
  • …Or fear of dislodging your dentures.
  • Feel great (and younger) when you look in the mirror…

And rest easy, knowing you’ve preserved your remaining jaw bone structure, and reduced your risk for future gum problems and infection.

How does it work?

The All On 4 procedure involves placing implants into the anterior maxilla, a region of the jaw with higher bone density. This allows the implants to be angled at up to 45 degrees, which increases support and can help overcome some bone deficiencies.

For some people, they lack the volume of jawbone for a conventional dental implant placement, which can mean undergoing an uncomfortable, time consuming and often costly bone grafting procedure, prior to the implants being placed.

However, with the All On 4 dental implants procedure, the posterior implants are tilted 45° and towards the rear of the mouth. This is great news for patients with virtually no bone, as they avoid the need for any complex bone grafting procedures. Because of this, All On Four dental implants provide the highest success rate compared to the conventional dental implant method.

The healing and rehabilitation process is much shorter with the All On 4 procedure too, and there is no need for a removable denture phase, such is the case with conventional implants.

Meet Dr. Theo Spyrakis, All On 4 Expert at
Bexley Dental

Dr Theo Spyrakis, our principal dentist, has been practising in the Bexley community since opening Bexley Dental in 1990. Since 2006, Dr Spyrakis has focused his continuing education solely on Implant Dentistry, and All On Four dental implants.

He has travelled the world to study with the Implant Dentistry’s most respected clinicians–including Professor Paolo Malo, of the world renowned Malo Clinic in Portugal, the founder of the All On 4 dental implants technique.

With Dr. Spyrakis primary focus on Implant and All on 4 Dentistry, it would be hard to find yourself in better hands.

Like most dentists, Dr Spyrakis started his career in general dentistry. Early on in his career, he started noticing the tremendous need for better treatment options for patients with dentures. Many patients would struggle with their dentures because they were loose or poorly fitted, making them incredibly uncomfortable, and even affecting their self-esteem.

In 2002, Dr Spyrakis attended an education program on the latest developments in implant dentistry. And that’s when he first learned about the All On 4 technique.

The All On 4 was exactly the type of treatment option he’d been looking for. The ability to support a full set of teeth with just 4 implants gave so many more options for placement–without bone grafting–meant that even patients who weren’t previously suitable for implants, had a new option available to them.

He was convinced these advancements in implant dentistry would have a huge impact. So he flew to the United States to undertake extensive training in New York and Las Vegas.

Then he completed a mini-residency in Oral Implantology at Sydney University. In 2015 and again in 2018, he had the honour of going to the Malo Clinic in Portugal, to train with Professor Paolo Malo, the man responsible for developing the modern All On 4 treatment.

Today, while Bexley Dental operates as a full service practice, Dr Spyrakis is largely focused on the Implant and All On 4 treatment, and performs over 500 implant procedures every year.

This means that Implant dentistry isn’t just an aside service that is offered at Bexley Dental, it’s a field of dentistry that Dr Spyrakis has specialised in since 2007.

Dr Spyrakis is proud to be recognised as one of the most experienced All On 4 dental implants dentists in Sydney, and even more grateful that something he loves to do is having such an impact on so many patients’ lives.

About the All-on-4 Procedure

Not sure if you’re a candidate for
All On 4 dental implants?

Take our quick online suitability quiz to find out
if you are suitable for the All On 4 dental implants procedure.

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Find out if you are suitable for the all on 4

If you’re tired of trying to hide your smile, it’s time to schedule your FREE 30-minute All On 4 assessment with Bexley Dental.

During your 30-minute consultation, Dr. Spyrakis will examine your teeth, gums, bone, and smile using an OPG panoramic scan–a $140 value.
You’ll discuss your personal needs and treatment outcomes directly with Dr. Spyrakis, so he can create a personalised treatment plan specifically for you.

Every consultation includes:

  • A thorough 30-minute All On 4 assessment with Dr. Theo Spryakis
  • A free 3D Panoramic scan of your teeth and jaw – A $140 value
  • And a recommended treatment plan to restore your smile, and get you back in the picture

To schedule your free All On 4 assessment, simply pick up the phone
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What’s My

How much is feeling embarrassed about your teeth costing you? How much is low self-esteem impacting your life? How many positive experiences are lost, because of the way you feel about smiling? Feeling shy, uncomfortable and frustrated about your teeth may be something you have to live with but having the smile you always wanted is now easier to get. At Bexley Dental, we have created several easy payment solutions for our All on 4 treatment.

Accessing Your
For Payment

We may be able to help you to fund the treatment through your superannuation. You will need to make an application to the ATO and if your application shows that your condition is causing acute or chronic pain, then you should be eligible to pay for your All on 4 treatment. Bexley Dental can refer you to a company who specialise in preparing the application for you and making sure your application is done correctly. This service can cost between $599 and $799, but if you go ahead with your dental implant treatment at Bexley Dental, we will deduct this expense from the cost of your treatment.

Contact our clinic on (02) 9567 4151 for more information.

Flexible Payment Plans For A Full Arch of Teeth

Option 1: Interest-free in-house payment plan
  • Pay a 20% deposit for your treatment
  • Then pay the remainder over 6 months
Option 2: 6-Months Interest-Free Mifund Payment Plan
  • 48 month period
  • $100 establishment fee
  • 14.5% interest rate
  • $10 account keeping fee
  • Easy monthly repayments

Cost of All on 4

Step 1. Begin With Your Surgical Treatment


Per single arch

  • Surgical Implant Placement
  • Alveolectomy Per Quadrant (Reshaping)
  • Reducing Affected Bone
  • Fitting of Abutments
  • Market Leading Nobel Biocare Titanium Implants(Guaranteed for 5 years)
  • CBCT
  • Impressions For Provisional Teeth

Step 2. Choose Your New Teeth

    • Acrylic teeth with metal reinforcement for added strength
    • 2-year guarantee on teeth*
    • Additional fee applies for sleep sedation
    Per single arch

    Total with surgery

    • Milled zirconia (porcelain) framework with custom titanium substructure and zirconia teeth. The ultimate in strength and durability
    • Lifetime guarantee on teeth, implants and titanium bar**
    • Waterpik Cordless Water Flosser (valued at $140)
    • 2 complimentary cleans
    • Additional fees apply for sleep sedation
    Per single arch

    Total with surgery

Single Implants Available:

$5,000 – 6,000

per implant

*Provisional acrylic teeth in the Basic Package are a short-term solution only, they may need to be upgraded to premium or deluxe teeth prosthesis after guarantee period.

**Guarantees are subject to attendance of regular 6 monthly check-up and cleans at Bexley Dental.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to be under anaesthesia for the procedure?

No. The All On Four Dental Implants can be placed using either a local anaesthetic or “sleep dentistry.”

Sleep dentistry” uses IV Sedation to manage the fear, anxiety and discomfort that so often accompanies a visit to the dentist, instead of local epinephrine-based anaesthetics, which makes it safer than any general anaesthetic.

 Sleep dentistry does not require hospitalisation, meaning that your procedure can be completed right here at Bexley.

 When you undergo sleep dentistry, your sedation is managed by a medical doctor who monitors your condition throughout the procedure to ensure your safety and comfort.

How long does the procedure take?

The complete All On 4 dental implants procedure usually takes between 3 and 4 hours.

How long will I need to take off work?

We typically recommend taking at least a couple of days off of work to recover. Not everyone needs them, but it’s best to have the option lined up.

How long will I wait before I receive my permanent teeth?

Your final fixed teeth are usually attached just 24 hours after surgery, during a short, 30-minute appointment with Dr. Spyrakis.

What follow-up visits are required?

After your final fixed teeth are attached, we’ll keep an eye on your recovery and healing over the following weeks with a few 5 minute “Review Appointments.”

This allows Dr. Spyrakis to ensure that everything is healing properly, and avoid any potential complications. before they take hold.

The number of Review Appointments and frequency depends on the individual patient, and their rate of healing, but typically you can expect to come in for between 2 and 5 visits.

How long will the All on 4 dental implants last?

With proper care and oral hygiene routine, there is no reason that your All On 4 dental implants can’t last a lifetime!

What are the All On 4 dental implants made of?

The All On 4 Dental implants can be made of various biomaterials, but titanium is most commonly used because it is the most compatible with human biology.

What is the tooth (or crown) made of?

The replacement teeth (or crowns) can be made from resin or porcelain, which is the most durable and recommended material for dental implants.

How much will it cost for the All on Four dental implants?

While every case is unique, All On 4 dental implant procedures typically range from $18,000 – 29,000, depending on the type of replacement teeth you choose. Dr. Spyrakis can help you weigh the pros and cons and decide on the best option for you.

Do you have payment plans?

While most health insurance providers will cover a significant portion of the cost, it’s no secret that they often leave a gap.

To ensure that all of our patients (insured or not) can afford the very best dental care, we’ve partnered with Mac Credit.

What we liked about Mac Credit:

  • They offered flexible plans to meet our patients needs

  • They specialise in financing medical procedures such as the All On 4, and their rates reflect the fact that their customers are financing necessary procedures to improve their quality of life

  • They have a proven track record, and the customer reviews to back it up

  • And unlike some firms, they’re able and willing to finance your whole procedure, so if you are uninsured or your insurance is maxed out for the year, you still have options

I’ve gotten cheaper quotes for All-on-Four from other dentists... Why should I choose Bexley Dental?

It would be hard to find a more experienced All On 4 dental implant dentist than Dr Sprakis. For the past 15 years, he has focused his continuing education solely on the field of All On 4 implant dentistry, and puts that education to use every day, installing over 500 implants for our patients every year.

That experience translates into:

  • Less discomfort and quicker recoveries

  • Minimal risk of implant failure

  • Reduced complication risks

  • Implants and materials that can last a lifetime

  • And frankly, avoiding those issues typically means a smaller investment over the life of your All On 4 implants (which should last for your lifetime)

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