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If you have damaged or missing teeth, you already know that it affects everything.
What you can order when you go out to eat.
Whether or not you’re able to enjoy your favorite foods.
How you look in family photos… And never smiling for them!

The list goes On.

If you’re struggling with damaged or missing teeth, you know the toll it takes on your confidence, first hand. Many people try dentures to alleviate their tooth troubles, only to find that they have a whole new set of problems.

  • Worrying about whether or not they’ll fly out of your mouth mid-sentence…
  • The embarrassment when it happens…
  • The discomfort (and all-too-common problem) of ill-fitting dentures…
  • The frustration of still not being able to fully enjoy your favorite meals…

And if that Isn’t enough, dentures rarely have the same bite-strength of healthy teeth… Meaning after all that, there are still foods that are completely off-limits.

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The solution: All-On-Four Dental Implants

What are All On Four implants?

All-on-4 is an advanced dental implant technique where whole arches of permanent teeth are supported by just 4 implants.

Why All On Four?

All-on-Four implants provide the most natural-feeling alternative to dentures for those suffering with loose or missing teeth.

With All-On-4 you can receive your implants and your brand new set of permanent replacement teeth in just 24 hours, not the 3-4 months that conventional implants often require.

That means you can…

  • Stop feeling self conscious about your speech…
  • And start smiling again!
  • Eat all of your favorite foods, without discomfort…
  • …Or fear of dislodging your dentures.
  • Feel great (and younger) when you look in the mirror…

And rest easy, knowing you’ve preserved your remaining jaw bone structure, and reduced your risk for future gum problems and infection.

How does it work?

The All-On-Four procedure involves placing implants into the anterior maxilla, a region of the jaw with higher bone density.

This allows the implants to be angled at up to 45 degrees, which increases support and can help overcome some bone deficiencies while lessening the need for bone grafting procedures.

Because of this, All-On-4 provides the highest success rate for dental implants.

Meet Dr. Theo Spyrakis, All-On-4 Expert at
Bexley Dental

Dr. Theo Spryakis _ Principal Dentist

Dr Theo Spyrakis, our principal dentist, has been practising in the Bexley community for the past 26 years. Since 2006, Dr Spyrakis has focused his continuing education solely on Implant Dentistry, and All-On-4.

He has travelled the world to study with the Implant Dentistry’s most respected clinicians–including Professor Paolo Malo, of the world renowned Malo Clinic in Portugal, the founder of the All-On-4 technique.

With Dr. Spyrakis primary focus on Implant and All-on-4 Dentistry, it would be hard to find yourself in better hands.

Listen to how others have found the All-on-4:

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If you’re tired of trying to hide your smile, it’s time to schedule your FREE 30-minute consultation with Bexley Dental.

During your 30-minute consultation, Dr. Spyrakis will examine your teeth, gums, bone, and smile using an OPG panoramic scan–a $140 value.
You’ll discuss your personal needs and treatment outcomes directly with Dr. Spyrakis, so he can create a personalised treatment plan specifically for you.

Every consultation includes:

  • A thorough 30-minute consultation with Dr. Theo Spryakis
  • A free 3D Panoramic scan of your teeth and jaw – A $140 value
  • And a recommended treatment plan to restore your smile, and get you back in the picture

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All-On-4 dental implants?

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What is the cost of All-On-4?

    • Complimentary 30-minute consultation
    • 3D head and neck scan
    • 4 Nobel Biocare titanium implants
    • Non-removable, short term acrylic reinforced teeth
    • 1 year guarantee on teeth* and 5 year guarantee on implants**
    • Additional fee applies for sedationist
    Per single arch
    • Complimentary 30-minute consultation
    • 3D head and neck scan
    • 4 x Nobel Biocare titanium dental implants
    • Hybrid titanium reinforced acrylic prosthesis OR full zirconia reinforced porcelain teeth
    • 4 free cleans after treatment
    • 7-year guarantee on teeth and implants**
    • Additional fees apply for seditionist
    Per single arch

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The exact amount of time can vary from site to site. The size of your site and when it was indexed by spiders can influence the time it takes. We have achieved top 10 rankings for a dentist website within just a few days. And while this is not common for most websites, it does happen. For most dentist website we believe a first page ranking can be achieved within 3 months.

How does your 90 day SEO guarantee work?

The fact is, some markets are harder to rank than others. Some of your competitors might be working towards the same objectives that you have, which can make your market more competitive. And so we have to evaluate our SEO guarantee on a case by case basis.

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Most web designers are not marketers. While they might have some basic knowledge of onsite SEO, they often lack knowledge of the broader aspects of an SEO strategy. In most cases they build sites to look good, but without consideration for optimising user experience or for the search engines.

What is a Google My Business Listing?

Google For My Business listings is ideal for dental practices as it promotes your business in Google maps, as well as in the results pages of the search engines when people are typing local focused keywords. This is included in all of SEO packages.

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Do I Have To Sign Up To A Contract?

We don’t believe in locking our clients into any kind of long term contract. We want you to feel at ease about coming on board with us and not feel like you’re taking out a mortgage. However, we do ask that you respect our 30 day cancellation period.

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