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Diagnodent aids in the detections of caries. Even very small lesions are detected in their earliest stage, enabling you to protect and preserve your tooth.

The accuracy of diagnosing “concealed” occlusal caries is always a challenge even with visual and radiographic evaluation, so it is significantly more accurate to use this detection equipment.

Digital radiography

Digital radiographs (x-rays) utilise a digital sensor to replace films and chemicals in a similar way to digital photography.

Benefits include:

  • Radiation exposure is less for both patient and clinical staff
  • No toxic chemicals are used, which protects the environment and makes for a safer workplace
  • Increased diagnosis — software enhancement allows a much broader range of diagnoses to be made from a single exposure
  • Much quicker – 20 seconds compared to 5 minutes
  • Storage and retrieval simplified. Special storage conditions no longer required to prevent image deterioration

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