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You may notice in your mouth that you have amalgam (silver), or perhaps black fillings in your back teeth. Amalgam restorations are now being replaced with cosmetic white filling alternatives, including materials called composite resin or ceramics that do not contain mercury and are tooth coloured.

Here at Bexley Dental, we remove amalgam from your mouth in a safe and controlled environment and refill with either composite resin or a ceramic restoration. Natural looking and strong enough to form part of your tooth, this is a great way to get your new smile on the right track.

A composite resin is a tooth-colored plastic mixture filled with glass (silicon dioxide). Introduced in the 1960s, dental composites were confined to the front teeth because they were not strong enough to withstand the pressure and wear generated by the back teeth. Since then, composites have been significantly improved and can be successfully placed in the back teeth as well. Composites are not only used to restore decayed areas, but are also used for cosmetic improvements of the smile by changing the colour of the teeth or reshaping disfigured teeth.

Bonding (the placement of composite resin on the front teeth for aesthetic purposes) allows us to mould beautiful smiles like artists mould clay statutes. The use of a light hardened white filling allows our team to mould, shape, and sculpt your tooth without worrying about time or having to rush through the white filling procedure. Once we are sure the white filling looks great, it is then hardened using a dental curing light. When the light is placed close to the white filling material, the white filling material begins to change and harden.

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