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Help your child avoid a lifetime
of oral health problems

Known as interceptive orthodontics, early assessment and treatment can prevent the need for complex orthodontic treatment during your child’s teen years–or later in life.

The simple fact is: It’s much easier to direct the movement of a child’s teeth, than it is an adult’s.

And by doing so, you set them up for a lifetime of gorgeous smiles from a young age.

Book a FREE children’s orthodontics Assessment. We will examine your child’s mouth, eliminate all risk factors and assess the correct course of treatment

About your
child’s teeth

One of the most important aspects of childhood development is good oral health. Healthy baby teeth enable children to eat and chew solid foods efficiently, are essential in the development of their jawbone to ensure there is enough space for adult teeth to come through in their correct position and prevent crowding or spaces between teeth from occurring. Baby teeth also help with sounding words correctly as children learn to talk.

Children’s teeth begin to form even before they are born and start to emerge around age one. Orthodontic assessment and treatment in young children, around age seven is referred to as interceptive orthopaedics and is based on the philosophy of early intervention to minimise the need for extensive orthodontic treatment in later years.

How do I know if my child needs braces…
Or if they’ll “grow out of it?”

It’s most beneficial to have your child assessed early and this should take place between the ages of six and seven when your child’s jaw is still growing. At this time, a decision can be made on the benefits of starting treatment early.

Treatment at this early stage may range from simply maintaining space for erupting adult teeth, although it most commonly involves the use of functional or growth appliances. These appliances can be expansion appliances, removable plates or partial braces.

Children are very responsive to treatment at this age as their bones are still developing and pliable.

They are usually quite motivated and can easily be taught about the benefits of the treatment in a fun and exciting manner.

What if my child is
already a teenager?

Orthodontics for adolescent children usually begins after all of the adult teeth have erupted. This occurs between the ages of eleven and thirteen. Following a detailed assessment, we will discuss the required treatment with you and your child.

Treatment at this stage may vary; most commonly it will involve appliance therapy or fixed braces. Of course, this is dependant on your child’s individual needs and we would discuss this with you prior to treatment commencing.

Treatment time can range from six to eighteen months, during which time we will carefully monitor you child’s progress and oral care habits. Remember that regular visits will be required to adjust and maintain the appliances and or fixed braces.

About Doctor Theo Spyrakis

Dr. Theo Spryakis _ Principal Dentist

Since 1997, Dr Theo Spyrakis has been treating Orthodontic patients of all ages in the Bexley community.

From correcting a specific dental problem that only affects one tooth, to ensuring the best treatments for the most complex cases, Dr. Spyrakis has seen it all.

If you’d like to discuss the options for your child’s oral health,schedule their free 30-minute Assessment today.

During your child’s Assessment, Dr. Theo will examine their teeth and smile using an OPG panoramic scan–(valued at $140)–so he can see exactly
how your child’s teeth are developing.

From there, Dr. Theo will create a personalised treatment plan just for them, and discuss the best options for helping
your child avoid complex orthodontic needs down the road.

Every Assessment includes:

  • 30 minutes with Dr. Theo Spyrakis
  • A FREE 3D Panoramic scan of your child’s teeth and jaw -(Valued at $140)
  • And a Recommended Orthodontics Plan to set your child up for a lifetime of oral health

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Book a FREE
children’s orthodontics

We will examine your mouth, eliminate all risk factors and assess the correct course of treatment.