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Fix stained, broken or misshapen teeth
so you can start smiling again

The smile says it all. Except when you’re too embarrassed to show it. While stained, chipped, or even misshapen teeth are typically “just cosmetic” issues, they can have a very real impact on how often you smile. And how you feel about yourself.

If you find yourself avoiding family photos… Consciously keeping yourself from smiling… Or thinking “Don’t let them see your teeth” when you meet someone new…
You’re not alone.

The Australian Society of Orthodontists reports that 55% of Australians are self-conscious about their teeth. In fact, 46% say their teeth would be the first thing they’d change about themselves, given the chance.

Yet another 50% say they’d smile more if they had their perfect smile.

That’s a lot of people hiding their smiles because they’re ashamed of their teeth. But they don’t have to be.

If your teeth are discoloured, chipped, or even shaped in a way that makes you feel self-conscious about them, porcelain veneers may be a cosmetic dental service that can give you the smile you’ve always wanted.

Book a FREE Veneers Assessment. We will examine your mouth, eliminate all risk factors and assess the correct course of treatment.

What are veneers?

Veneers are thin, extremely strong coverings that are bonded to your existing teeth to create the perfect smile.   

Porcelain Veneers – Before and After 

What are veneers made from?

Veneers can be made from porcelain or composite resin. The porcelain material is much stronger and gives the most natural-looking results. They often last a lifetime, if properly cared for.

Composite veneers are made from the same material as fillings. They can still look very natural and typically last up to 10 years before needing to be replaced.

Composite Resin Veneers Treatment – Before and After

A note about how Bexley Dental sources their veneers…

  • We’re fortunate enough to have access to one of Australia’s leading technicians for veneers, crowns, and other precision-made dental restorations.
  • All of Bexley Dental’s veneers are designed and produced in Sydney, using the highest quality materials.
  • We never mill our veneers in house or outsource to cheap, overseas laboratories, because frankly, neither of those options would live up to our standard of care.
  • Producing high quality veneers is as much an art as a science, so we leave that to the masters, instead of cutting corners.

Who are veneers for?

Veneers can fix a variety of common cosmetic dental problems, including:

  • Closing spaces between the teeth (diastemas)
  • Restoring broken, chipped, misshapen or crooked teeth
  • Restoring unsightly, stained or washed out fillings
  • Covering permanently stained or discolored teeth
  • Straightening your smile (instant orthodontics)

Maintaining your veneers is simple…

Just brush and floss as you normally would to prevent oral hygiene problems. With good home care regime, your veneers will last, and provide you with a gorgeous smile for years to come.

Just let your dentist know if you do this:

If you are known to grind your teeth or clench your jaw, please make sure you tell us. We may recommend and create a soft night time guard for you to wear to minimise the stresses placed upon your teeth while you sleep.

Are there any limitations to veneers?

You may experience some sensitivity to hot and cold after the placement of your veneers. How much depends on the amount of enamel on your tooth and the proximity of the nerve, among other factors. This is absolutely normal and usually diffuses after one-two weeks, as the nerve in your tooth adjusts.

If this sensitivity should remain or concern you at all, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help.


A normal diet should pose no problem at all. You’ll want to avoid anything that will bend or twist the veneers–like opening bottles with your teeth (a big no-no for ANY teeth!). A good rule of thumb: If you shouldn’t do it with your natural teeth, you shouldn’t do it with your veneers.


While Bexley Dental patients rarely experience any trouble with their veneers, that’s by design–not by chance.
When veneers fail one of these four things is typically the culprit:

Improper Assessment of the Mouth and Bite

If the bite is not correct, the Veneers can break or the opposing teeth can be damaged. If the teeth are misaligned, that must be addressed before veneers can be added.

Bexley ensures a perfect fit by creating custom models of your bite. We mount these onto an articulator so that we can recreate your precise bite patterns and calculate the right measurements for your veneers.

Poor Technical Work

When dentists focus solely on the problem teeth, without considering the entire mouth there are often problems with shape, colour and positioning of the Veneer. Dr. Spyrakis takes a holistic approach to evaluating a patient for veneers, ensuring that they work in harmony with the rest of your mouth for many years to come.

Poor Colour Matching Of Veneers

This is usually a result of using machine-milled Veneers, versus Veneers handmade in a skilled laboratory. While machine-cut veneers reduce the procedure to just one appointment, the colour match is often compromised, and the quality and durability just doesn’t compare to that of veneers that are handmade by skilled technicians.

Inadequate Moisture Control

Frankly, many dentists skip proper moisture control as a time-saving measure. However, this step is critical for ensuring a tight bond between veneer and tooth. The dentists at Bexley always use the utmost care in ensuring a dry bonding surface, so you never have to worry about your veneer coming loose in your lunch!

Now that you know a bit about the “Bexley way” of crafting gorgeous,
long-lasting veneers, we’d like to introduce you to Dr. Spyrakis..

Dr. Theo Spryakis _ Principal Dentist

Dr. Spyrakis is one of Sydney’s most-trusted cosmetic dentists. In over 20 years in practice, Dr. Spyrakis has formed relationships with one of the leading ceramist in Australia–based right here in Sydney–which means not only do you get the highest quality veneers available, but you have them fast.

And thanks to our digital imaging process, there are no surprises. Dr. Spyrakis can ensure perfect fit and show you the end result before he evens start.

We know you’re going to love your new smile.
Schedule your FREE 15-minute Assessment to see for yourself.

During your 15-minute Assessment, Dr. Theo will assess if you are a suitable candidate for veneers, or whether there are underlying issues that needs to be addressed to ensure you veneers will last.

During every Assessment:

Dr. Theo discusses his recommended treatment plan, your various options, and the associated costs so you leave your Assessment feeling fully prepared to decide if veneers are right for you.

As a special bonus, he also uses a special imaging program to take photos of your teeth, which are turned into a Smile Simulation, so you can see exactly what your new veneers would look like.

This services costs Bexley Dental $130 for every Smile Simulation. We provide it to you for free so you can feel confident in your investment.

If you’re ready to see how great your smile can look,
simply pick up the phone and call us at (02) 9567 4151 today to schedule your free Assessment.

Book a FREE dental
Veneers Assessment

We will examine your mouth, eliminate all risk factors and assess the correct course of treatment.