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Which Teeth Whitening Treatment Is Best

Not all teeth whitening treatments are equal. Newer technologies are reducing the likelihood of sensitivity and pain, while they brighten your smile. But it’s important to see your dentist before you plunge in.

There are several ways to whiten your teeth. It’s a good idea to compare the results you get with take-home kits versus in-chair whitening. In other words, what a dentist will offer may seem pricier, but you will see that they deliver long lasting results. As well, they may reduce the incidence of discomfort.

In-chair vs take-home teeth whitening treatments

At Bexley, we offer two types of whitening treatments. The Smartbleach 3LT In-Chair Tooth Whitening. And Zoom, which is a professional-grade, and the leading take-home teeth whitening treatment. This is the home version of our in-chair service.

If you choose the take-home method of teeth whitening, we will create a custom-fitted tray. We will give you the gel containing the active ingredient, and away you go. You get good results with the take-home kit. But bear in mind that you need to be consistent, as you will need to apply the product every day for about two weeks.

With the Smartbleach 3LT In-Chair Tooth Whitening treatment, you are in for about an hour and a half and then it’s done! Many people prefer the convenience this offers.  You’re in and out, and you’ve got your final results on the spot. In comparison, take-home teeth whitening kits deliver a much more gradual result.

Pain and sensitivity with teeth whitening kits

Pain and sensitivity can be an issue with teeth whitening. It really differs depending on whether you choose to do it at home or at the dentist. Some people experience tooth pain, or nerve pain when they undergo some teeth whitening treatments. With most of the older methods, the gel might sink into the teeth, reaching the nerves and causing some pain. Whereas with the new laser system (Smartbleach 3LT), it works on the surface of the teeth to whiten your smile. But without affecting the nerves. This new laser system alleviates the potential for pain and sensitivity that older teeth whitening treatments are well known for.

Results of different teeth whitening treatments

There are differences in how long the results will last for each method. You can expect in-chair teeth whitening to last for one to two years. Whereas the results from the take-home kit can vary.

If you pick up an over-the-counter teeth whitening kit from the local pharmacy, you may find that results last less than six months. While these kits might be more convenient, they certainly aren’t the best option. Their strength and consistency don’t compete with the in-house professional teeth whitening treatment that we use at Bexley dental. With this teeth whitening method, assuming you look after your teeth normally, the results can last from three to five years!

Of course, whichever teeth whitening option you chose, you want to see a noticeable difference from before the treatment. This is why we advise against an over-the-counter teeth whitening product. Yes, small results are possible, but your results and safety are more assured if you visit a dentist to take care of the teeth whitening process.

If you would like to learn more about our teeth whitening treatment, We have a special offer currently running. When you book in for a check-up and clean, you can also get Smartbleach 3LT in-chair teeth whitening for just $700 (normally $850) or Zoom take-home whitening for just $150 (normally $199). Call one of our friendly team members for more information on (02) 9567 4151.

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