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All On 4 Treatment For Full Teeth Replacement

All on 4 treatment is a fixed solution for people with large amounts of failing or missing teeth, or who are looking for an alternative to dentures. With All on 4, all remaining teeth are removed and four dental implants—sometimes more, depending on patient needs —are placed, and then the denture is fixed to those implants.

Unlike single implants, which need three to four months to integrate with the bone before the crown is placed on top, All on 4 dental implants can usually be done right away. Often this means it can be completed within only 24 hours of the implant placement!

What is different about All on 4 dental implants?

All on 4 dental implants are not just a regular-sized implant; they go quite deep into the jawbone. Because of the angle of their placement–the two implants at the back are tilted 45° towards the rear of the mouth. They are placed into a region of the jaw that has a higher bone density. Compared to single implant methods, the All On 4 treatment doesn’t require the same density of bone in order for the implant to be inserted. And this means they can generally take the load of the teeth pretty much the day after treatment.

Who is the All on 4 treatment for?

Generally speaking, All on 4 dental implants are for patients in their 50s and 60s. However, we have some younger cases. In those cases, we might use six implants instead of four, because younger people will need them in there for a longer period of time, and the additional two implants will provide the extra strength.

With that said, All On 4 is for anyone who as failing teeth due to periodontal disease or decay, multiple missing teeth or with poorly fitted dentures.

What are they made from?

The first set that you get are made of high-impact acrylic, and they’re supported by a hybrid-metal frame inside. Most people find those teeth to be perfectly fine and they’re extremely durable. Some people do like to upgrade to porcelain teeth because it’s a harder material. You can do this after six months on acrylics because the porcelain is too hard initially. If you choose to do this, you need to come back for another set of impressions first to make sure nothing has changed.

What is the ongoing maintenance with All on 4?

Once the implants are placed, that’s often all there is in terms of the initial all On 4 treatment. Although people’s gums do tend to change shape as they age. With All on 4, you don’t usually need to come back and have them adjusted because once the implants are placed, it typically helps to stop the regression of the bone. The only reason people usually come back is to upgrade to porcelain teeth.

Ongoing oral hygiene is important. The All On 4 treatment shouldn’t change from how real teeth are maintained. They are not a free pass for not having good oral hygiene. It is recommended to visit a dentist a minimum of two times per year. Failure to adhere to a good oral hygiene protocol will result in dental implant failure.

Are You Ready To Make The Next Step?

If you are interested in having an All On 4 treatment, you can book a free All On 4 assessment at our practice in Bexley. Just call us on (02) 9567 4151.

Dr. Theo Spryakis - Principal Dentist

At Bexley Dental, our principal dentist, Dr. Theo Spyrakis, is our All On 4 expert. He has been around the world to study with Implant Dentistry’s most respected clinicians, including Professor Paolo Malo, of the famous Malo Clinic in Portugal, the founder of the All-On-4® technique.

Dr. Spyrakis performs over 500 implant cases each year and is recognised as one of the most experienced dental implant and All on 4 dentists in Sydney. If you would like to come and meet Dr Spyrakis, contact our practice today to book your free All on 4 assessment, just call us on:

(02) 9567 4151 to schedule your free All On 4 assessment.

You can also take our free online suitability quiz. Answer just a few short questions and find out if you are suitable for dental implants.

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